How do I walk with God?

by Daize Mujuzi

Compliance. 1peter 5; 7 roaring lion seeking a person to devour.

There is something I always say ” I have been born age all my life” some thing about that is just is the embodiment of my compliance. I think yeah I know He died for me He’ll is real but this truth have just become stories things that my mother told me to scare me into understanding or believing Christ. I know they are real and all but the older I get the further they seem to go in the back of my mind. This compliance I need to fight I need to destroy. I read a scripture once that said those that have  known of Christ or know of him how can we even consider going back to the begery ways? Do I know Christ I have I really understood what Jesus did for me? Is this just a story that some times he is a big deal and others I am guided by my feelings?

Feelings are a funny thing. Personally for a long time I didn’t think I had a lot of them. I knew how to control them and basically could shove them down and do what I wanted. But they world we are living in now just pushes to do things just because they feel nice. Drink alcohol you will feel nice live for now young wild and free get a boyfriend it feels nice to have some look after you. And sometimes or most times it does feel nice to have attention to fit in avoiding the things that are ‘hard” to deal with I don’t read my bible because I don’t feel like it I hate the feeling of being left out and slowly we begin to sell pieces of our souls giving them up for temporary highs that slowly wash away our God-given beauty leaving us bear with out the Joy of the Lord. I read a scripture once and it said how deceitful is a heart no one can understand it. Most times we think some thing right just because we feel right about it.

News flash we don’t do things according to the way we feel. Feelings can be misleading most of the time just because some thing feels right does not mean it is right. Right is Right. Brings me to the next point. Being dead to self I remember when I first heard things I actually laughed in the back of my mind thinking how does that happen? Being dead to self is letting God lead in each aspect of your life. When your life is not about what you feel or what you need but what the Lord wants. I cannot even begin to tell you that I have really arrived at this point because that would be a lie. This is a constant battle that I have to fight each and every day. Praying and hoping that he Lord carries me with his Grace each and every day. The more you draw closer to God the more different things are going to start dying in your life…….. Continue reading


Back in the day before social media people in relationships used to write letters to each other.  Wait for a week or even weeks for a reply while reading old letters and reminiscing about what they had written. I remember in high school my friends waiting for letters from their boyfriends and them reading them over and other again every time they missed them.  Today all that has changed with the introduction of social media instant messaging sharing pictures, videos. There is instant gratification with the sending and receiving messages with in minutes. People can keep in touch twenty four … Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA AND RELATIONSHIPS.